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Access to computers with SSH through PuTTY

PuTTY is a remote access client to computers through multiple protocols, such as SSH, Telnet or Rlogin, be it for Windows o Linux. It allows connecting remote machines and execute programs at distance.

In order to use our cluster, you need to log in through the SSH protocol, in this tutorial, you will learn to download, install ad connect to our cluster.

Software download

First, you need to download PUTTY from: Página principal de descarga de Putty.

Select the option from the drop down menu that corresponds to our operative system version. The following is the one for Windows:




Wait for the archive to fully download, then open it by clicking the installation button, you acn also browse the downloaded archive on the downloads files. Execute it and follow the steps signaled by the installation assistant and complete installation. Finally, a PuTTY window will pop up. Putty3.png

Where Host Name is shown (or IP address) Enter the address of the equipment you want to access, in this case: leftraru.nlhpc.cl, on port 2222 and select below the option SSH. then click in Open. Following, a new window will open which corresponds to the equipment you have an will ask for your credentials ( user and password). Once accessed the equipment you can now start using the cluster.

Note: The first time you connect, a trust key will be created between the server and your equipment, so you have to accept the key installation message."

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